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creating simplest period tracker app, without giving in to temptation to add too many functions…
in progress
user interviews
paper sketches, wire-frames, prototype
new design for app plus branding and landing page

I teamed up with developer, to create the simplest period tracker. No flowers, no girly colors, no unnecessary functions.

We wanted to create a tracking period app, that is very simple and doesn’t assume that women track their periods only because they want to get pregnant or to avoid it. No more frustrating questions about sex life, moods or even age…


Do other women share my frustration? Or it’s just my problem and whole idea may not have much sense?

  • in person user research – talked with 15 woman aged 16 to 50. how they track their periods, do they use apps, what they need in app like this, what they use collected data for…
  • in most cases – just to know if their periods are regular, to show their doctor, and to know when their period is coming
  • existing apps to complicated (too much features, to much data to add and tracking period just gets lost in the noise) and ugly designs (flowers and pink colors, like for little girls)
Competition research

I downloaded period trackers (Clue, Flow, Dot, Eve…). I goal was to create something extremely simple. Looking at competitions app allowed me to do 3 things:

  • list of all most basic screens all apps have
  • list of all the functions whey offer. from tracking period, sex life, nutrition, period intensity, mood exercises…
  • with that we could start making simple wireframes. Goal was to create all basic 6 screens and with that test our idea on real life users:


From my interviews and my own personal experience I wanted to create something different form what’s available. So no light pastel colors, no flowers, no hiding blood or our bodies and how they functions. I had an idea for logo and colors. This is what i ended up with:

This project isn’t finished yet. We are now working on finishing those first 6 screens. With that we want to test it on as many potential users as we can. Since this is my personal project I have opportunity to lead all elements of it. That freedom came with its own traps. It not anymore app just form me. I wanted to make it useful for other woman and that often meant accepting that some of what I want is not what everyone wants. To minimize that problem I needed to create proper user research plan, that would prevent me from imprinting my ideas on woman I talked to. I had to choose what research I can do knowing i have no budget and when I do it. Fortunately not only I had wonderful friends that wanted to help me, but I quickly discovered that many women I never meet want to help and talk about their periods!! My online survey spread beyond my friend and the 167 answers were completely unexpected.